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Patterns from top startups to help you in the coming recession

A team of a product designer and a growth advisor will check your website, web and mobile app for 992 usability, conversion, and growth patterns based on 315 top SaaS startups of 2021-22.

After the checkup, we will advise how to improve and propose solutions. Send request, we'll take a look and suggest the next move.

At expansion

In the last two years, the world has undergone a massive shift to digital.

Tech companies as a whole have seen more than 50% growth in daily active users since the start of 2020.

* Amplitude Product Report 2021

August 2021 is a good mark because even if the analytics are delayed, you have a whole picture now.

So, does your product's metrics increase proportionally? If not, what's the problem? Is it something in your product design and user flow? What should you fix?

We could help answer these questions.

At recession

The checkup is also helpful in the recession we face now, in Q2 2022.

Almost every drop in S&P500 of more than 20 percentage points has accompanied a market crisis.

YCombinator, a Silicon Valley kingmaker, is advising its portfolio founders to “plan for the worst” (see article on TechCrunch).

They explain that the poor public market performance of tech companies significantly impacts venture capital investment.

They suggest that the best strategy for the next two years will be reducing the cash burn rate.

We could help improve the burn multiplicate by reducing mistakes in user flow design and reducing your current design costs.

Improve core metrics

Checkup could improve your core metrics. It will help in negotiating with investors or just surviving the coming recession.

Reduce design mistakes. Your design team burns out over time. And it's easy to make critical mistakes in a complex product.

The checkup will highlight pain points and problems at all stages, from acquisition to retention and growth.

Improve overall user flow. We'll help you utilise best practises from top 300 most funded startups.

No person we've ever spoken to said, "yeah, I'm happy with the way things are."

Reduce the cost of the design. The cost of our services can be much lower than the insights you get. Usually, it goes like this.

90+ checkups so far

Most of our clients are growing SaaS startups.

If you're at the concept stage prior launch, great. It will be easier to implement our insights.

Alex — CEO at Affirmation

“We engaged Andrew and Zlata to challenge our thinking and find pain points in our user journey. They delivered great insights that were exactly what we needed to take our user experience to the next level.”

Anya — product lead at CoreAI

“I’ve involved Andrew and Zlata to challenge us and our current product design, and they truly delivered. The feedback was spot-on and easy to implement, with a simple to-do list to implement suggestions immediately.”

Matei — product lead at Olland

“Andrew and Zlata provided crisp, clear and insightful feedback that was in depth with examples as well as a prioritised to do list. They passion for great design comes through in every interaction.”

10 years in product design

We are a small team of three with about ten years of background experience in product design.

We do user experience research and checkups and collaborate with a couple of talented interface designers for the visualization and implementation of our insights.

Zlata is a former marketing lead at Leo Burnett agency. She has breadth experience in scaling and growth for B2C companies.

Andrew is a former product lead at Yandex. He advises companies on user experience, interface design and product management.

Hanto has no design experience because he's just a Shiba Inu dog. But, he inspires us, and, seriously, he is an integral part of our team.


Lets describe what we do exactly:

We’ll define pain points in the client’s flow and suggest an optimal design based on top startups and our experience.

1. Study

We’ll study your customer and build journeys map for core stages and activities. Then we’ll break down each activity into separate steps.

2. Research

We'll look at how similar activities are implemented by leaders. What are the differences. Why it matters.

After, we'll map it to the your structure and highlight attention points.

For sample, here we mark a problem with testimonials. Lets assume they have no reviews from real customers, how they interact with the product, and how it solves their problems.

3. Pick up

For each attention point we'll pick up best practises from 992 usability, conversion, and growth patterns based on 315 top SaaS startups of 2021-22.


Provide review.

Let a specific problem and its solution be described rather than an abstract positive comment.


Highlites main benefit in comment.


Link to social profile.


Add video response.


Split by roles, industry, cases.

Try to show different segments their own benefits.


Show accreditations.

Stats from appstore, review sites, awards, publications..


Appeal to community

4. Result

As a result, you get a map showing the primary customer’s flows, the attention points, and a set of patterns, wireframes, and prototypes to improve these issues.

Of course, you’re welcome to reach out anytime.

Then we will visualize our insights and adapt them to your product. Just take it and implement it 🙂. And of course, we are available for questions and clarifications at any time.

Email us with your website and a few words about your product. We'll take a look and suggest the next step:

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